Audio Technician

Marece offers Audio system design, setup, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and interfacing

Marece is the recommended technician for Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor side chain mods

He is familiar with repairing, maintaining, and calibrating gear such as pro tools, dolby dp and lm, recorders, ISDN interfaces, converters, clocks, compressors, eq’s, pre amps, MIDI, effects processors, noise reduction units

Marece is a member of the AES and frequents SMPTE meetings

Marece has set up and or operated recording / playback systems for:
Pink – Rod Stewart – Frank Ocean – Big Time Rush – Heffron Drive – Katie Perry – Faith Evans – N.E.R.D – RCA Records – The Donnas – Paramount Pictures – Sean Kingston – Tiffany Alvord – The Jonas Bros. – Keith Urban – Princess Cruises – Faith Evans – Beyonce – Jive Records – Timbaland & Chris Cornell – Verizion Wireless – John Mayer – Good Charlotte – Bruce Springsteen – DJ Skee – Motley Crue – Linkin Park – MySpace – Christina Aguilera – Rick Rubin – Dido – NPR – Scion – and more

In early 2010 Marece designed and built the proof of concept model of the Treeverb, a one of a kind wooden plate reverb. The first prototype has been designed and is being built and tested.  This is a link to an article about the Treeverb.

He is currently designing and prototyping a digital audio router with processing